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User control not updating asp net

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Unfortunatelly, in large applications in may be very significant problem.To overcome this problem it is better during postback to load user control in overridden Load View State method after calling base. In this case you do load it before postback data are handled and user control comes loaded to Page_load event.If you don't know how to create and use a User Control, then please go back a few chapters. First, we create a new, simple Event User Control, with this code in it: We have defined a page Title container variable and a property for it. As you can see, it's defined much like any other kind of field, but it is a bit different.The theory about is explained in the C# tutorial, so we won't get into that here.Tag Prefix determines the unique namespace of the control, Tag Name is the name of the user control and Src is the path of the user control.This will find the control named Test Control declared in the aspx page and look for the Text Box named txt First Name in the user control and instantiate object of it. I started of with some of the basics, advantages and disadvantages of user controls.

There are few good articles written by Scott Mitchell on dynamically loading Controls which you will find in the following links: and sets its required property.But will that happen when the control is not visible?Thanks, Tom "tshad" The Pre Render code on my ascx page is: Sub Page_Pre Render(By Val Sender As Object, By Val E As Event Args) viewstate("Time Start") = Time Start viewstate("Screen Right") = Screen Right viewstate("Screen Wrong") = Screen Wrong viewstate("Last Time") = Last Time End Sub The control works fine other than that. In this post, I will show you how to load different user control in Update Panel from different menu item click.I have found a lot of request in Ajax Forum and some of them are having misconception about this.On a page that uses the master page, I have defined a Rad Ajax Manager Proxy, 3 divs with runat="server" and an asp: Panel.