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Despite the fact that the negative aspects of smoking are well documented, many people still choose to smoke on a regular basis.

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Like me, they know the stresses of deadlines, trying to balance kids with ministry, and the nagging sense that we should keep hidden the fact that we have the pizza delivery place on speed dial. And the great thing about gathering with people you just know you’re going to bond with is that they will get you. like on the level of having inside jokes that makes every conversation comfortable and delightful. And I couldn’t wait for the deep friendships that would surely bloom as a result of our time together.

To be set apart is to be given an assignment that requires preparation. If He could get me to see this, I’d be able to embrace the lesson of this situation. I wasn’t just in this place at the dinner that night. In this set apart place, God will give you special wisdom you’ll need for the assignment ahead. You better believe when I walk into a conference now I look for someone sitting alone and make sure they know someone noticed them. I’m trying to weave more silence into the rhythm of my life now so I can whisper, I know it can be painful to be alone.

Every seat had a nametag attached so I circled the table looking for mine.

I walked into the meeting room and quickly located the table of the people I was excited to meet.

I rallied in my heart that the Lord must have a special plan for me to meet and connect with the others assigned to my table. In my head I started to have a little pity conversation: It wasn’t audible. I knew it was a thought assigned by God that I needed to ponder. That’s exactly what the enemy would have wanted me to feel.

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