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Moodle 2.3 to 2.6.1 for Windows comes with pieces of XAMPP 1.7.4.Although it works well, the version of PHP that comes included with it is buggy, lacks some key features for development such as a modern control panel and php My Admin.Most of the windows users choose XAMMP to install Apache distribution containing My SQL, PHP, php My Admin, and Perl.But, if you try to update any one of the softwares, you may face difficulties.

xampp updating php-63

Finally, I referred the php My Admin error message and documentations and solved the problem.

Concurrent processes are key to the maximum number of page requests you can serve at any given time.

For example, lets assume a server with 2 GB of memory free for PHP after accounting for other processes running on it (the OS, Apache, and so on).

So it is safe to take backup of whole files, before trying to install manually.

In this tutorial, I have tried to update the old php My Admin in the XAMPP to php My Admin 4.2.12 (the latest stable release, as on Nov 29, 2014) and faced many technical problems.