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Firefox not updating mac

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That means that when you open a link in your mail application, an Internet shortcut, or HTML document, it will not open in Firefox. Download a copy of the latest firefox from dmg package) 2. Do not select to remove your personal data, your profile data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder, so you won't lose your bookmarks or other personal data.Download a new copy of the Firefox program and save the disk image (dmg) file to the desktop Certain Firefox problems can be solved by performing a '' Clean reinstall''.

When I get a message to install an update to improve Firefox stability on my Mac (it is crashing fairly regularly), the computer gets "stuck" in the middle of the download.

Moments later, I get another popup saying Firefox needs to do an update (the same one!

''' Trash''' the current Firefox application to do a clean install.

If it won't download directly, right click and "Save as"…

and make note of the save location Empty the trash Quit your Browser (Press Cmd Q - Don't just close the window) Go to: Mac HD/Library/Internet Plugins Verify that the Flash Player.plugin and files are not present. Go to: Mac HD/Library/Internet Plugins/Pepper Flash Player Verify that Pepper Flash Player.plugin and files are not present. Go to: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Verify that the Flash Player Install Manager does not exist. Reboot Make sure the 'Reopen windows when logging back in' check-box is NOT selected (This will "kill" all running processes) Before launching any apps, mount the DMG and run the installer (double-click on the installer file to launch it).