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You attempt to play the video, but unless you’re signed on to XBox Live, you get a message saying you need to download an update in order for the video to play; an update that you’ve already (countless times) downloaded. I’ll give you my story, and I’m willing to bet yours is similar. A long string of numbers uniquely identifying your particular XBox.

Dropbox not updating on other computers

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Dropbox uses ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to transmit data between its servers and users’ computers, but blocking these ports is not a desirable option because browsers use these same ports to access the Web.As a result, IT administrators who want to manually configure their corporate firewalls to block Dropbox should block all of Dropbox’s IP addresses.You can "favorite" files for offline reading, upload documents via URL, download torrents remotely so they're ready by the time you get home and more.Check out the gallery above for some useful ways you can get more out of Dropbox. Share your own tips and tricks in the comments below.People can use Dropbox through the desktop app, mobile apps or via the web.

First, manual firewall configuration does not impact personal mobile devices employees carry into the office that are not connected to the corporate network.Aaron gave us a detailed walkthrough on using Have you ever received an email from your boss, family member, friend or some other connection with an attachment in it, then saved that email because you wanted to access the attachment later? You can also use simple Google Scripts to set up automated workflows for saving file and image attachments to Google Drive. These photography infographics are not only instructional, but are also cheat-sheets.Digital Inspiration gives you two useful scripts to send your Gmail attachments to Google Drive and also auto-save your Gmail image attachments to Google Drive. Select the video and click on the Share button to change viewing access from Private to Public if you want to host it on a blog or website. Right-click on the uploaded video file and select Open with – Google Drive Viewer. On the Google Drive Viewer page, select File – Embed this video. Google Drive can be used as an impromptu file viewer. Cloud storage gives me a place to have them close at hand and all the free space to stock them at leisure. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits.This includes our own data and files — text documents, photographs, videos, music and more.That's why services like Dropbox and the cloud are so popular with the connected generation.There are a few other features you can enable or disable related to the camera upload tool (see the video). Additionally, when you log into Dropbox (or whichever service you use) on your computer or the Web, you'll see all your i Phone photos in a folder.